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Stuck, a movie based on the musical stage play by Riley Thomas, is about six strangers, trapped in a subway car, who over the course of the day come to change each other’s lives in unexpected ways. Stuck is a move with a simple message about love and compassion and seeing that people, as a whole, are not so very different from one another.

“It is my humble belief that the simple message of this film is perhaps far more important now than any of us dreamed it would be when we were making it.”
- Michael Berry, Stuck Director

Imagine being stuck in a subway car far beneath New York City’s bustling streets. Feel the frustration at being detained, the mild claustrophobia as the world is reduced to one small space, and the anxiety at being confined with complete strangers who may not be the best society has to offer. (Think drug dealers, criminals, and the like.) This is the situation six strangers find themselves thrust into in the Stuck movie.

Picture of Giancarlo Esposito singing in Stuck.

Front and center in Stuck is Lloyd, a mysterious homeless man and regular subway rider who may or may not be insane. He’s also far wiser and deeper than appearances suggest. As the subway car rattles along the track, Lloyd is joined by Eve, an intelligent and career-oriented African American woman, Roman, a hard-working undocumented Hispanic juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet, Alicia, an aspiring dancer with a deep secret, Caleb, an artist who knows more than he’s letting on about Alicia, and Sue, a grieving music professor who is struggling to see the good in life.

Uplifting original music numbers in Stuck allow each character to tell his or her own unique story. Through these songs it becomes apparent that the preconceived notions these strangers had about each other at the beginning of Stuck are as far from the truth as possible. As with all human beings, there’s more to each of these characters than initially meets the eye.

“Berry’s smart direction, which creates rich worlds for these characters far beyond the confines of the subway, as well as the genuine warmth and humanity the terrific cast infuses them with, transform this into an exuberant marvel.”
- Maryann Johnson, flickfilosopher, on Stuck

Stuck uses a unique musical style, from classical to motown, for each character, really highlighting how each person is unique. The songs serve as musical extensions of that character’s culture and experiences. However, the thread of upbeat tones and lyrics that weave through each song reinforces that everyone (both in Stuck and in the real world) has common ground.

Stuck features an all star cast including Giancarlo Esposito ("Gus Fring" in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul), Oscar nominee Amy Madigan (Field Of Dreams, Gone Baby Gone, Grey’s Anatomy), Ashanti (John Tucker Must Die, Resident Evil: Extinction, Coach Carter, Lifetime’s Army Wives), and Gerard Canonico (a Broadway veteran from Spring Awakening, American Idiot, Groundhog Day).

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